Sing Together ~ Stay Together

Community Music Project

Jamestown NY

est. 1982

Community Music Project is committed to producing high-quality vocal music in Chautauqua County and has been for the past 40 years. CMP is proud to stand behind CMPSINGS and encourages all to raise their voice in singing!

GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.

Arts organizations across the country will be reimagining themselves in a new and unprecedented reality, but the music will return...with your help.

If you become donor/patron of CMP, you will be recognized at all future concerts as a valued supporter of the arts in Jamestown NY.

How to donate:

Text message-to 44-321


Have your debit/credit card handy.

No worries. It is safe and secure.


click the patron link above which takes you to a paypal account.

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